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uniformly absent. Tremor is irregular and less marked. Exoph-

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of children, the above symptoms are usually absent, and when

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i ked improvement in appetite / Measurable weight gain Mnfhrop

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tive statements. We tried to word our questions so that they would

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It has been estimated that a coal fire burning briskly in a fireplace

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finished his education Avhen he has taken his degree and passed all

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Neb., at such time as he may be required by the board for ex-

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emotions upon gastrointestinal function, but have in-

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to anfe from a paralyhs of the organ of fight, induced by a fud-

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hoping for the final fulfilment of these perhaps Utopian

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In one instance, the ingestion of boiled tuberculous lymphatic

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Croup, Croupous {^Pseudo- Membranous) Laryngitis, 143

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sion may i-ender the precordial space prominent, but, in adults, only

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blue during starvation (although none had been present

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,,!, ,hattheae,,.-itn,thee..v,nent... thelb.-th.nn.- ..t,.ll

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to the left of the ensiform cartilage and there was also

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(' Gc. H. Rep.' April 1842.) The restoration of many children apparently born

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the nose, takes a deep inspiration slowly, while raising the arms from

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ary haemorrhage. In veins the same rule holds, with this differ-

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that it nearly or quite ceases to contract. At once the brain fails to

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and shiny. The sensations of the patient during their

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swallowing of strong acids, syphilis, scarlatina, diphtheria, erosions due

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the repeated entrance of portions of food or saliva into the larynx ; an

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eye, ear, throat, urethra, etc. Injected into the urethra it

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Essential Factors. Chlorotic anemia; irregular hyperleukocytosis

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Humerus. — Dr. Hutchinson {British Medical Journal)

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instances of inactivity of the pupil to light, and 6 times this

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stimulants; but if these are ineflScient and coughing is

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of useful service; and every officer who comes under

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recovery, when he was seized with a severe attack of ru-

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ing, and only escaped with its life, by the slightest margin.

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favus-behaiuleling. Nederl. mil. geneesk. Arcb. [etc.],

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appear more likely that they resulted from defective conduction of

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this fcrtid filthy material in the tonsillar lacunaa is the cause of

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loosened by the roots of two trees growing in the immediate vicinity.

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the blood had proceeded from a number of little wounds, ero-

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patient was free from albtunin and casts. In the other cases small

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Constip.ation, The Treatment of, by Electricity. 223

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The patient is a boy aged 6, in whom the nails of the right and

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