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Physical treatment. — Attention to digestion is the first point. The
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the haemoglobin is also deficient. In some, the red corpuscles are normal
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Thus confusion between chancre and epithelioma has led to' deplorable
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home. Even among the most cultivated a leaven of super-
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moist offensive discharge will be recognised. Pityriasis rubra pilaris
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ence without any benefit to the mental condition ; in one case with some-
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in slighter cases, to the larger society of a boarding-house, hotel, hydro-
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Another method of presenting this series of facts would be to say that
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may be fatal. In other circumstances, where the causes leading to the
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the many who may take cursory and imperfect views of it,
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Pyrogallol is certainly next in order of merit to cnrysarobin in its
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become of an agonising burning character. When severe it is worse at
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entirely with fluid. In fact, the appearances are those of a rapid but
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quicker and higher our life. Of nervous matter instability is the peculiar
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Allow the stain to stand for several days, shaking occasionally
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little distinctions, the endless significance of the trifles. The
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difficult for a hard-worked practitioner to keep pace with
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Of sexual practices that are abnormal in form many varieties have
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lesions of syphilis are well-marked examples. Keratosis, with or without
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sexual desire that comes with advancing years. Their conduct through-
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patient can generally utter a few words, syllables, or noises, whereas the
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the mysterious inhabitant as forming a part of its own habi-
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associated signs of the zodiac. As Southey describes it:
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perplexing doctor as he appeared and acted and was spoken
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persons of this class is one of deep depression ; they weep, they groan,
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tremor often begins in youth, and that in it and the senile form the
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(4) Wash thoroughly to remove all traces of acid and
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out any obvious or external irritant, is liable to severe and trouble-
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jective symptoms to fancy or malingering. I may give another example :
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common at all ages more or less ; but in adolescent insanity it is especially
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nuchas. It is divided, according to its insertion, into a capitis and colli

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