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nally and internally to insure safety to themselves and

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Bagdad. Whenever he captured a city he insisted upon

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treatment with instruments and destructive chemical agents and sur-

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On admission the temperature was 98.6 F., and the pulse 100.

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and various experiments have been performed to test the relation-

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ized by abundant ffecal matter with a putrid odor, but there

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cardia. Gallavardin claims that the temperature is liable to be higher and the

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part should be at an angle to the hind part if their axes are shown

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especiallj adapted to the form of disease in question.

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world, it arouses, defends, and stinmlates the inner ;

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by others should be given a separate and special disinfection. Finally,

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point to some material difference in their etiologic factors or to the

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It is easy to understand how close to those engaged in husbandry

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then extend up the right side of chest into the head and

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could be obviated by a Department of Public Health,

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The duration of the entire paroxysm varies from an hour or two, as

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In accordance with this, then, the P n of an N/100 hydrogen ion solution

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the superficial cortex from the pia which is associated with rarification of the

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through the intestines, either partly or wholly unchanged. * This is the

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morbid action sometimes commences in the intervertebral substance ; at

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slight extent. Palpitation on account of weakness is preseut

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far established it, that they are known generally under the name of nitro-

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4. With increasing dosage of insulin both the extent and the

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footed, many are nattirally pigeon-toed, but all these

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a new energy will be infused into the mental faculties, and the whole

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correct diagnosis of the conditions of the interior of the

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nerves, and occur in clusters, they are frequently in-

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[been proved to be absent, and most persons will agree that there is no better

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1882 a. — [Anemie des mineurs et ankylostome. ] [Read 30 mai.] [Abstract]

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