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Left for home on the 20th, three weeks less one day.

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made, by a vote of 7D to 23, but we refuse to believe that this is

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world, for the Chinese had medical treatises on the

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somebody of great benevolence succeeded in penetrating

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give rise to opisthotonos, and sometimes rigidity of the thoracic muscles

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turn opened their doors to incoming classes is indicative, as

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parties shall have full access to any material obtained

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the first ever paid to Ireland ; and we rejoice to see so many

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ham, Derby, Gloucester, Kettering, Leeds, Newport (Mod.), Plymouth,

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serving in the Medical Department, United States Army,


come full enough to overcome the tone of the sphincter. When the

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sufficiently alike to be considered as probably belonging to the species

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cally significant decrease in implantation efficacy but

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as can be made out at present, of hypertrophy rather than

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oculists make the tests it is sometimes looked upon as an inter-

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R. PisANi (Annali di Elet. Med. e 'ler. Pis., Feb.,

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num closed. Thus the systemic powers turn off these poisonous

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deliverance for him ; that he would lead him into that way, and

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blood, as a vegetable one, in gastric diseases with considerable loss of hydro-

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tive lessons, but to America, during the war of the rebellion, belongs the

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almost saturated solution of carmine in ammonia to the ounce of water.

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pustules after they break should be burned. The urine and feces may

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In Case 3, there was the greatest narrowing at the brim, and

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Mkdic.vi, Afkaius in MoNTKNK.r.ito. — Dr. Studitzki,

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mid- 1988 to broaden test availability to cover these

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before the war, and is still rare. Three cases of myopia

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tip of the tongue is red, and there is obscure pain

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Personal History. — ^The patient is a man of good intelligence

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forty-one cases of habitual constipation with a galvanic current. The

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the position. Unsolicited letters supporting Meigs' candidacy poured

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our knowledge it is difficult to give a more exact definition.

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They are smaller, thinner, and are easily tion mav be necessary to save life,

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Baumgarten has long stoutly maintained that bacilli could be inherited

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less before, in a room, 8x12, and with no one but his nervous

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ciety FOR Proving Medicines at Jena. — Dr. Watzke does not

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and thence establishing more successful methods of treating

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lished weekly, under the direction of the Editors and an Advisory

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cells from which they come, but they show a tendency to an ever widen-

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