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Under these circumstances, ulceration and perforation of the duct are lia-

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or Empysemia — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Treatment. Pleuritis with Pneumo-

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venting it from escaping* To the same end is directed the idea of

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^plicant is a physician in active practice, we will send, delivered, charges prepaid, one of the regular (double)

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of departure for the study of abnormal deviations. Our knowledge of the

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necrobiosis. These changes in the several organs just named will enter into

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peral peritonitis treated by Prof. Clark, in the lying-in wards of Bellevue

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processes of disease, of the poison, and, hence, the diseases to which they

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there was also considerable tenderness in the region of the left

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and had on the surface of its cavity many small clear vesicles

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economy. Other portions are thrown off or excreted. There is a con-

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to have reported, in connection with the above cases, others of a

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The line of ascent represents, measurably, the force of the systole of

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the child is tormented with thirst, but everything is rejected from the

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canal. The characteristic dejections and the contents of the intestines

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indigestion is involved in the pathology. The evacuation of liquid, often

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The electric fluid is the grand agent in the production of mo^t

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drunkard feels a desire for continued indulgence, which, with an impaired

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D. Hayes Agnew, M.D. James Tyson, M.D. Samuel D. Risley, M.D.

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extremity. On closing the aperture, this lobe was readily inflated. The

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very little blood or serum escaping on section. Under the microscope

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year 1847, was occupied with the discussion of the powers, uses,

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the community, by building up alleys and courts with sub-courts,

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to the arts by which favor is obtained." Dr. West, who was his

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condition is called poh/semia. Its existence to an extent sufficient to

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Usual Hospital Odors. Delightful Surroundings, Lake-side

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