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to each other, and separated only by a river some feet in breadth ?
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225-246. — iievy (G.) Essai sur la patliog6nie de la fifevre;
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effective as and caused fewer complications than open-
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tube. This was allowed to stand another twenty-four
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Percival. Mem. of the Med. Soc. of London, 1789, ii, p.
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making only the small home-trade size. We were able, however, to
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tember to the 15th of January, thei-e were fifty-two
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what there is for special coordinating centers and coordinating tracts
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doctor's body was a mass of eruption. August 30 part of
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forwards, and, remaining in its abnormal position, gave rise to
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In other cases, we suppose that the irritant which gives rise to
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the advocacy of prophylactic vaginal iiijcctiotis. He also be-
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supposed to pray nor to call in the elders of his church. One
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and for three days had great pain. Since then he has
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dropsy, and the kidney is the other great cause, aside
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often suffered from advancing lesions which could be
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rain. — {De Cur. Horn. Morb. Epit., torn, iv., p.
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the French of the second edition of the excellent manual of Dr.
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of the foreign protein leads to the absorption of an inherent protective
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nificance of the analyses of the minds of patients that
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,11, a to I'vin- tlif \v..iina a-ain to it~ toinni ...nailinn a- u -ara^ a^-^i.-c
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departures from health can not be discovered in the solids, until that de-
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highly revered. But httle of his writings remain, and these
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‘•'Assumes that burns falling in both the severe and non-severe
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becomes foetid. This is highly characteristic of the disease. Haemoptysis
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spinal congestion was induced that infringed upon the insula-
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that this design is not approved of, and ought to be given up."
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local full-time organizations, the staff members of which know the
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Examination of the female external genitalia can be
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has been carried as high as one gramme and a half, not only without
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the Mediastinum, other than those of the Heart and Aorta.
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The cause had been ascribed to tobacco or malarial poisoning,
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■' Mosny : LaSeiiialneMedicale No. 7, 1890, quote^l In Cent, fiir Bakt.

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