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levue Hospital Medical College. He next was appointed attending

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disease and the part of the spinal cord and nerve roots that have be-

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the author, may have been due simply to suspension of the

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The section on the diseases of the nervous system is disappointingly

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heart as much as possible, and to use means to increase its efficiency. These

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1 Behring and Wernicke : "Ueber Immunisirung und Heilung von Versuchthieren bei der

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was at the hospital all day, and often detained his pa-

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tained from a College course, when we consider how the lectures are

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of a registered practitioner." Finally, a recent editorial in the Lancet^

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tity of blood in the lung is restored, and the dyspnoea is conse-

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as the only real curative procedure, primary in non-icteric and

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determine, in the consideration of its connection with hemorrhage in new-born

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kidneys, the breast, the womb, the testicle, the bones. But some

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or given in some suitable vehicle. No doubt an adult might take

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Sweaney, John, West Durham, P. & S. Bait., 1886 1888 1916

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Then, upon his return to his native land, he quickly acquired

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State Medicine; Brooklyn Pathological Society; Medical

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grains of tlie desiccated powder daily. In the cases selected

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forty years, who was admitted into Providence Hospi-

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True, one need not expect so rapid a result in a chronic

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The increased temperature has the same distribution. Of these

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and thereby gives the reader the impression that no form of epinephrin thus far

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It is highly probable that there is a form of hydrophobia which is the result of

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the outer thoracic parietes which become distended and immovable. The

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and all hints show that both before and after this he

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latter. Conditions of the middle or outer ear act only by the influence

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third to fifth ribs. Elevation of these ribs, steady

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blankets or a shawl, and a pillow. If a bed be used, its unevenness

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practice of his profession. — Dr. A. Dixon Wagner, a

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calcium carbonate can be taken two hours after meals, ia water.

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report, but I forgot to do so. I have here the bill that I proposed attaching to the report,

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snapping with the teeth at friends who tried to restrain

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