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and Gynecology of the New York Academy of Medicine, June 23,

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The face grows pale and cyanotic, the pulse small and extreinety rapid. With

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the United States, he was for a young doctor unusually advanced in

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Diagnostic difficulty is often met with in those cases in which paralytic

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flabby. The child seems pale, thin, and feeble, and may present swollen

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Published by Dr. H. Erichsen, 11 Farmer Street, Detroit,

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G..A. Hall, Chicago, 111. C. E. Walton, Hamilton, O.

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angemia (vide infra), but we do not ourselves see how such cases differ essen-

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Remove this in a thin strip with a pair of curved scissors to a

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up with a screech after his short naps, and crying for some time

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teously invited to deliver a lecture on homceopathy before a

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by the finger could not now be effected. The angle of the

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1 See American Journal of Obstetrics, 1883, p. 271.

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possible to human beings in times which suggest to mean minds

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tion. Notable among the valuable papers thus distinguished in

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lower angle of left scapula, extending through to the chest.

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of the Roman Catholic church, the faith of his forefathers.

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Now, here are five consecutive cases of effusion into the tunica

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up he has the cheerfulness and hopefulness of his father,

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orbital margin. Now, with the free right hand, the exposed

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York County Homoeopathic Medical Society has occasion to mourn the loss of an

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" 1. Give the scientific name and synonymes of each article,

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it manifests itself . . . generally in one of the following symp-

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All intervention excepting ligature of bleeding arteries is

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weeks preceding each menstrual period, combined with proper

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' ' Surgical Pathology, ' ' published as a volume, a contribution of last-

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anodynes generally, in many painful inflammations, and is likely

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rather anomalous, there are some facts instanced by it to which

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over the shot. Each suture is treated in the manner described.

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interne at Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, then went abroad,

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Pelham Naval Camp in November, 1916, transferred to Naval Avia-

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testines and be thrown off almost intact. Caffeine should then

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Association of Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Surgeons,

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to prevent soiling of the dressings and of the apparatus ;

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The materials forming this second dressing have been

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intention of eventually entering the profession, he journeyed to New

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The doctor who makes use of an uncertified thermometer,

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